There are problems during a trip that can be a real headache: extra expenses that we did not count on, the loss of checked luggage, or difficulty in obtaining good medical care. What’s more, even before we leave, some major setback may arise that means the total loss of the trip. To avoid or face these problems, it is more than advisable to leave with the protection provided by the most important coverage of travel insurance. In this article, you will know what are the main incidents in travel and how much do they cost.

We analyze one by one what are the main coverage of travel insurance.

When organizing your next vacation, we help you know what travel insurance covers, so choose the one that includes the most important and appropriate guarantees for the type of experience you are going to live. They will allow you to save expenses and will facilitate certain procedures for the most important problems that may arise before and during your trip. These are:


1. 24-hour medical assistance

Did you know that more than half of the incidents that occur during travel have to do with health? Or that in the United States, going through the doctor’s office costs € 62 on average? In addition, to the money of the visit, it would be necessary to add other expenses of tests and medicines, that without counting that we must be hospitalized or operated of urgency. In short, there are health problems whose diagnosis and treatment may cost more than the trip itself.

Travel insurance with adequate health care coverage will not only avoid these expenses but will help you go to the most suitable medical center wherever you are and depending on your health problem thanks to the 24-hour Assistance service. In this article, you will learn more about how travel insurance covers healthcare.


2. Repatriation and medical transportation

In the event of an accident or illness that prevents you from going to the doctor or hospital on your own, the insurance company will organize and pay for your transfer to the most appropriate center or even to your country, also that of some companions, either by ambulance or, in Europe, also by medical plane.

Putting us at the worst, the travel insurance coverage regarding repatriation should contemplate the efforts and expenses of the transfer of deceased travelers to their country of origin, as well as several companions.


3. Trip cancellation

We are increasingly more proactive when it comes to organizing our vacations, as we all want to obtain economic reservations that are in line with our expectations. However, this advance reduces the possibilities to anticipate a major problem that prevents us from making our trip. In this sense, acquiring travel insurance with cancellation coverage will give you total peace of mind to book your trip knowing that, if you must cancel it, you will recover the money invested.

It is important that the travel insurance covers the greatest number of important causes for which to cancel the reservations, such as traveler’s health problems or death of a relative, dismissal or incorporation to a new job, summons to opposition exams or electoral table, cancellation of the companion, bureaucratic problems, etc.


4. Trip interruption

Travel insurance must also include coverage against situations that force you to interrupt your trip. If the cancellation guarantee allows you to recover 100% of the cancellation costs, the trip interruption coverage implies the refund of the proportional amount of the trip that you have not been able to enjoy. For what causes? Confirm that, as in the previous case, they are the most important and the maximum possible. InterMundial has travel insurance with more causes for cancellation and interruption.


5. Early return

In addition to these interruption costs, the travel insurance you purchase must cover the costs of your ticket and that of your companion in the event of a hasty return due to major problems in your family or at home: prolonged hospitalization, illness or serious accident and death of a family member, as well as serious accidents in the home, such as fires, robberies or floods.


6. Problems with luggage

After health problems and cancellation or interruption of travel, luggage incidents are the most common setback when traveling. As we said, travel insurance solves the procedures that involve unforeseeable situations on a trip, such as, for example, that the airline does not deliver your bags on time, managing the location and delivery of your luggage. In addition, insurance reimburses you for the expenses of essential items that you must buy to continue your trip. In case of loss or theft of the suitcase, the expenses or economic damages will have to do with the contents of the luggage. how-to-claim-for-lost-luggage.


7. Delays

You have to travel to another province to catch a plane and, once, at the airport, they inform you that the flight has been delayed until the next day. Who covers the hotel, meals, and transportation expenses until your departure?

Thanks to the delay coverage, if the means of transport you had reserved is delayed, you will recover the extra expenses during the wait until the departure of the new transport. These are expenses on food, accommodation, and transportation to it. Likewise, if the return of the means of transport is delayed on your return and you must extend your stay away from home, the travel insurance will pay the same extra costs.


8. Loss of services

Let’s say that, on a stopover flight, the first plane is delayed and you miss the second. The company offers you an alternative ticket and your flight leaves a day later than planned, causing you to lose money on your first hotel night, in addition to a guided tour that you had reserved.

Thanks to the coverage of loss of services, you will recover the expenses of those reservations that you can not enjoy due to problems beyond your control, such as the delay or last-minute cancellation in means of transport, also due to overbooking. Among the reservations whose costs you can recover are the nights of accommodation, the excursions scheduled at the destination, leisure tickets, restaurant reservations, or sports activities.

In addition, you will be reimbursed for the costs of alternative transport to reach the destination, as well as the accommodation or food you have to pay for while waiting for traveler’s rights.


9. Accidents

In unfamiliar territories where we often use different means of transportation, accidents are more likely to occur. With accident coverage in your travel insurance, in addition to receiving adequate health care, you will be entitled to compensation if this incident, unfortunately, causes you permanent damage. In the worst case, the family would receive compensation in the event of the death of the insured. Compensation will occur once the investigation by the relevant authorities has been closed.


10. Civil Liability

Imagine that, in your hotel room, you leave your hair iron on the carpet forgotten and it burns. What if the hotel claims you for the damages caused, will you have to pay them? If during your trip you cause any damage inadvertently and justice determines that you are responsible for them, counting on travel insurance with Civil Liability coverage, you will recover not only the compensation payment but also the costs, expenses, and bond judicial.

After analyzing the essential travel insurance coverages, you will be interested to know that InterMundial’s Totaltravel range of travel insurance has these 10 coverages and others necessary to protect your trips around

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